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THe World I see

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Amidst the impending threat of chaos, a news producer finds he is unable to make sense of the world around him.

The Shadow of Cym

A high-concept fantasy in the vein of Lord of the Rings and Game of ThronesThe Shadow of Cym follows the inhabitants of four kingdoms: the shape-shifting land of Teshran, closed off into secrecy by their forested border, the rock-skinned Rhaezans to the east, the deceitful magic-wielding Veyrtans to the south, and the warriors of Cym who have ruled over Abross for thousands of years.

   The Shadow of Cym is co-authored with Corrine Casey.


A Young Adult (YA) novel following the infamous, anonymous organization known as 'NewGuard.' Led by its masked leaders 'Trip' and 'Beta,' alongside its other twelve founding members, NewGuard has taken over every inch of the globe. As a hacker for NewGuard, Kiera Swanstrom has the ability to tear down governments in the blink of an eye - so long as she abides by NewGuard's sole rule to not reveal her involvement with them. 

However, when she discovers her brother is not only a new initiate to NewGuard, but has been taken into custody by the US Government after a recent riot, Kiera breaks NewGuardian Code. Now on the run from not only NewGuard, but also the government, Kiera finds herself at the center of a battle for global power.

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Least Restrictive Environment

Life and Death